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Islands of the Caliph imagines an ancient, seafaring Middle Eastern empire, spanning several islands to which the player may venture and explore.  

Set in a fictional Island civilization, Islands of the Caliph is a unique mash up of the old school RPGs the developer played in the 1980s, and Middle Eastern folklore and religion.  


  • A simple combat system
  • grid based movement
  • auto-mapping
  • upgrading weapons & equipment

The player must explore this open world and discover the game's primary quest for themselves.  The game seeks to capture the open endedness of some of the very old RPGs like Might & Magic, Ultima and Bards Tale.  It will not hand you everything you need on a platter, but will ask you to solve its problems your self.

Development Status:
Islands of the Caliph is currently under active development.  Schmidt Workshops is the solo game development studio of Michael Klaus Schmidt.  I expect to have a prototype ready for limited testing available in the next couple months.  Finishing the game will involve adding lots of additional content.  I don't have a specific time in mind, but I would guess between one and two years max.

Development log


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Well done, this looks like the kind of game I'd love to play!


That looks lovely indeed! And I like the interesting scenario. I'll definitively keep an eye on this one. :)


Looks great!


Are you using the same "engine" as in Catacombs of the Necromancer?

Because I remember that being rather buggy, controls-wise. Not just your game I mean, but basically all from the jam.

Would probably be better to use a better one for a proper game.

Great Question!

I did import some of the artwork from that game, but I am using 3D Gamestudio for this project.


Got it, probably better this way.

Best of luck!