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Fantastic!!! Great!!! Just no words beyond the best!!

Thanks so much!

Problem with controller Configuration. I have tried two different dual stick controllers with the same result. When I start the game, It automatically goes to looking at the ceiling, while continuously firing the gun.

Any help is appreciated.

In the preferences there is a way to set the "dead zone" for your stick.  That should help with the facing the ceiling issue.  Why it's firing the gun is a different issue.  Not quite sure about that one ... let me have a look.

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This is something I should have built before the game itself.  A failure on my part, I did not anticipate PC players wanting controller support.  I will continue to look into how to improve the situation, but for now I can recommend Keysticks:

I was able to configure my controller to work very easily.  Maybe it will be acceptable for you as well.


Incredible game. Found via Buried Treasures and I couldn't help but break my attempt to not buy any new games until I've finished most of what I've purchased. LOL. Really loved this in every single aspect.


I really appreciate the comment.  Sorry I made a game you could not resist buying? :)  

Early Access release imminent.  I plan to upload the latest build of the game later today...

hey, it actually reminds me of 2 timesplitters maps I made, this one with lots of impossible geometry : 

and this one : 
yeah, quality is poor, but maybe it still gives you ideas.

Cool!  I want to do an infinite level like that, I have a lot of ideas bubbling...


Okay, I actually loved this game! I think it's very fun and enjoyable, and as I said in the video, it reminds of Antichamber with guns and Daleks! Keep in mind that I recorded this about two weeks ago, but I will definitely be playing the updates myself as they come out! Gameplay from 12:23 to 19:00 (I believe I finished all of it in that time)

Thanks for the review!