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Respect for recycling old game engine. Fog really created the atmosphere of the game. This reminds me of good old ps1 horror games. -oneak

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My girlfriend played this and we both really enjoyed it. We also lovingly referred to the multi-legged creature travelling around as our guide. They were extremely helpful and i hope they have availability in the near future.


Yes, he's really not that bad once you get to know him :)


And he had so much interesting information!

good creepy

Oh cool!  Thanks for posting that :)
I'm still updating the game but I'm glad you like it!


i like creepy pixels..hope look full story


Fascinating. I love the environment and atmosphere. There's always something very spooky about the inability to fully make out what you're seeing.

It's that whole "fear of the unknown" thing :)


Nice, spooky and very intriguing, thumbs up:))



Thanks!  Yes, it's all about setting up an atmosphere.  I don't expect to have a full game from this experiment, but maybe I will develop it further in the future...


I don't want to sound boring, but I think you would make a great game from this, because it looks very much like H.P. Lovecraft's short story. 

Keep up great work :)))

I am supposed to be finishing my other Lovecraft inspired game, but this was a fun little side project.  I definitely want to take it a bit further, but probably after my other game is finished.


After the update, I am really looking forward for any new projects of yours. The new version, where the creature just passes you by, that scared me, especially, because I was not expecting that. 

Thanks so much!
I am about to update to version 0.08 and it now has some actual gameplay.  There is a "win" state and everything :)