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You are in a dark place with no means of escape.  Something is there with you, but it's too dark to tell what it is. 

Is there any way out of this place?

For anyone who played it already, there is now an actual win state, but I'm not going to say anything else about it.  You will have to find out for yourself.

This very short horror, walking simulator was made for #LowRezJam.  It was just an attempt to create a unique atmosphere and environment.  I describe the process I used here, and in some of the devlogs...

  • WASD to Move
  • Mouse to Look
  • Wear Headphones if Possible

Original Description:
Instead of  textures, the game renders a grid of lines that behaves like 3D fog. So you can only see the negative space around the object, not the object itself.  

Manipulating the grid's rotation and position in relation to the camera provides the stuttering, scratched film effect.  It is not a filter, but rather the lines being drawn in slightly different directions and angles.  

I made a simple museum map with mostly downloaded models as museum exhibits. There is no plot or gameplay at this time, just walking around and trying to recognize objects.  

The look and feel of the graphics gives a distinct horror vibe though, so that's where the name came from.  If I choose to develop this further, perhaps I will add some actual horror elements.

The game is made in 3D Gamestudio, A8 engine.  I do plan to add some sound effects and perhaps music to this project before I call it complete.  I want to create a creepy atmosphere, so it lives up to its name.

The low resolution was applied as a filter, keeping everything 64 x 64 as required by the rules of LowRezJam.


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Horror in the Museum v0.10.zip 7 MB

Development log


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Respect for recycling old game engine. Fog really created the atmosphere of the game. This reminds me of good old ps1 horror games. -oneak

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My girlfriend played this and we both really enjoyed it. We also lovingly referred to the multi-legged creature travelling around as our guide. They were extremely helpful and i hope they have availability in the near future.


Yes, he's really not that bad once you get to know him :)


And he had so much interesting information!

good creepy

Oh cool!  Thanks for posting that :)
I'm still updating the game but I'm glad you like it!


i like creepy pixels..hope look full story


Fascinating. I love the environment and atmosphere. There's always something very spooky about the inability to fully make out what you're seeing.

It's that whole "fear of the unknown" thing :)


Nice, spooky and very intriguing, thumbs up:))



Thanks!  Yes, it's all about setting up an atmosphere.  I don't expect to have a full game from this experiment, but maybe I will develop it further in the future...


I don't want to sound boring, but I think you would make a great game from this, because it looks very much like H.P. Lovecraft's short story. 

Keep up great work :)))

I am supposed to be finishing my other Lovecraft inspired game, but this was a fun little side project.  I definitely want to take it a bit further, but probably after my other game is finished.


After the update, I am really looking forward for any new projects of yours. The new version, where the creature just passes you by, that scared me, especially, because I was not expecting that. 

Thanks so much!
I am about to update to version 0.08 and it now has some actual gameplay.  There is a "win" state and everything :)