Update 0.0.3

Some new things have been added and adjusted

  • Farmer will now run out of bullets, and have to reload.
  • Farmer no longer sinks underground if you try unsuccessfully to abduct him.
  • Farmers visual and shoot range have been adjusted.
  • Electrical effect added when UFO is hit, player cannot abduct or turn invisible during this time.
  • Farm house added.
  • Farmer's voice adjusted slightly.
  • Intro screen added.

Next Steps:
I want to add a HUD next, and give feedback about how many cows have been captured.  A mission will be assigned at the beginning of each level, so player will have a clear understanding of what to do.  Then I hope to write a script that "shuffles" the levels.  Each new level will get a little harder, and new elements will be added as you progress.


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85 days ago

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